4/20 and Easter in Colorful Colorado.

April 20th, a.k.a. 4/20 has become a worldwide celebration of cannabis.  4/20 has taken on a life of it's own right here in COLORFUL COLORADO. It's a big holiday.   It's also Easter Sunday and closing day on Aspen Mountain.  AspenSpin is predicting another world-class day of skiing and partying and the munchies right here in Aspen.  Don't hate...participate.

Marijuana has many medicinal properties.  Please use care and safety when imbibing.

Perhaps the largest 4/20 celebration on the Capital in Denver, Colorado.



Aspen True Crime: NARDI found Guilty.

The Aspen Bomber: James Blanning. Photo: Aspen PoliceYou can't make this stuff up.   Aspen has some of the weirdest, most baffling true crime in the country. Perhaps its the small town atmosphere with the big city issues that magnifies these cases...but they do get blown up.

A few recent stories come to mind.  On New Year's Eve in 2009, The Aspen core was shut down under a "credible" bomb threat.  Long time local, James Blanning placed 3 home made bombs in banks around the core of Aspen. The incident was considered economic terrorism.  Blanning shot himself to death that night up on Independence pass.   See our story SEX BOMB.  Last year Aspen's grey-beard cocaine ring got busted by the feds. Wayne Reid, Aspen's  65 year old cocaine dealer who was buds with the Sherrif is now doing 20 years in the big house.  Charlie Sheen's domestic abuse trial was good for a few laughs. Brooke Mueller  his ex was subsequently busted for coke at Escobar using the cliche "do you know who I am?" defense.  Recently a murder-for-hire case from 1996 was finally solved.  An "ex-Aspen socialite" hired her  boyfriend to plant a car bomb in her ex-husband's car to collect $2 million in insurance money.  Pamela Phillips, 56 was  convicted of first degree murder. She awaits sentencing and will probably never see the light of day again.  We can't forget that in 1977 serial killer Ted Bundy jumped out of a 2nd story window of the Aspen Courthouse to escape custody.  He vanished into the woods as a fugitive for 6 days.Charlie Sheen in Aspen. Photo: Aspen Police.

Lately we have had some headline grabbing crimes in Aspen.  Everybody reads the Police Blotter in Aspen.

Local bartender Peter Nardi is on trial for sexual assault and faces life in prison.  I actually attended the trial for a few hours and I will break it down for you as only AspenSpin can.  It's basically the old he said / she said  situation.  Both Nardi and the accuser have admitted to having "aggressive sex" and plenty of it. They both admit to heavy drinking.   After an 8 month booty filled relationship Nardi is accused of false imprisonment and "hours of torture" in a rented condo. The Texas lady says Nardi dragged her by the hair, held her down, beat her about the head and face while suffocating her with a pillow.  He's also accused of holding her eyes open and drooling into them as well as stuffing his under-pants into her mouth.  Nardi also allegedly made her lay down on a dog bed and called her his "dog bitch".   All this action allegedly took place over a 6 to 8 hour period after a night of drinking. SHE SAID he pinned her down with his body, holding her captive and then fell asleep. She was unable to escape.  I did see Mr. Nardi's testimony in person...he denies the whole thing, and HE SAID... she was the aggressor.  So who knows???   The accuser sat in the audience the entire time scanning her cell phone, despite the no cell phone rule in the court room.   The lawyers are introducing all kinds of minutia into the trial...I'm not sure if all the text messages, phone records and cancelled checks and the supposed state-of-mind are relevant...but it's a little confusing.  No one knows what really happened., and my guess is no one will.  The lady says she was ending the relationship on her having sex one more time. The man says she was upset because he was breaking up with her and she got physically aggressive with him.    My guess, they're both lying.  But he said / she said is the oldest story on Earth and it's been happening since the Garden of Eden. 

I do know this.  No one deserves to be tortured, threatened, beaten or sexually assaulted.  If that's true...Nardi, who has a criminal past should go away for a long, long time. 


Peter Nardi Photo: Aspen Police

The Murder of Nancy Pfister is fascinating a story too.  The evidence has been sealed from the media...which is actually sort of nice. But, the result being speculation around Aspen runs rampant.  "Philanthropist & socialite" and long time Aspen Local, Ms. Pfister was killed at age 57,  by blunt force trauma to the right forehead and temple.  3 or for whacks is estimated.  She was found a couple days later in a back closet of her own home.   The autopsy results were not sealed.  Three people were arrested on first degree murder charge.  A former doctor and his wife William Styler III, 65 and his wife Nancy Styler, 62 were Pfister's transient tenants who were not paying their rent on her home near Buttermilk.  Also charged is Katherine Carpenter, 56, Pfister's friend and house manager and a long time employee of Alpine Bank.   See People mag's story; click PFISTER

The Stylers in Aspen. Photo: Aspen Police via CBS Denver.


Pow Day closes out Aspen Highlands 

More pix from Aspen Highlands closing day on the way.  It's a POW DAY on Aspen Mountain, gotta go.  Ski Season 2013/14 is not over yet.

Click 4 pix:




Yoga at 11,212 feet.

I've recently started doing Yoga for Skiers (and snowboarders) on top of Aspen Mountain.  It only took me 11 years to discover the benefits of doing yoga to start my ski day.

Yoga for skiers is the brain-child of Kate Giampapa and Jane Gottleib who somehow talked Aspen Ski Co. into offering free yoga at the Sundeck at 9.30 on Tues, Thurs and Sat. .  It's been going on for at least two years...maybe longer.  I recently gave Yoga for Skiers a try and all I can say is WOW.

After 110 ski days my hammies are pretty tight, my gluts are worked and my knees are tired. On a recent Tuesday, I decided to give mountain top yoga a try.  In addition to the obvious benefits of stretching, I also truly enjoyed stripping down to my long under-wear in front of 50 hot chicks.  It was extremely liberating and not creepy at all.

As a culmination to the long yoga season, Yoga for Skiers organized a special session with Simon Park a well known professional yogini from Philly.  About 75 people showed up early on Saturday morning to do Yoga at 11,212 feet.  Spirits were high, the music was kickin',  LuLu was out in force and of the 75 attendee's...65 of them were sleek, stylish, beautiful, athletic women.   So it was off with the outer wear and onto the mat for A. Party.  For the 3rd time in one week, bro???

I've come to realize that the Yoga for Skiers gets my blood flowing, it stretches out my tired joints and muscles and gives me a natural energy boost that really helps my skiing. I have yet to fully embrace the whole spiritual aspect of my practice, ooooooommmmm...but I do like to stretch and I love the girl-to-guy ratio.  I'm still eating cheetos for breakfast...but now I'm addicted to Yoga for Skiers.  




The Aspen Bounce

Click to learn more about CLIMB to GLORYBasically, April is Local's month in Aspen.  Most of the tourists have bolted town...but Lord knows it just keeps snowing.  We've had some pretty sick pow days this spring, and the guys from Aspen Weather told everyone that it's gonna keep dumping.    Click for pix:  ASPEN BOUNCE

We checked out some Local action;  The Wheeler Opera House hosted Climb to Glory...a fascinating documentary film about the 10th Mountain Division, America's skiing soldiers. In 1942 more than 14,000 men were stationed at Camp Hale (near Vail) to train for mountainous warfare in WWII.  That training paid off for the USA helping the Allied Forces to win WWII securing a life of freedom for all of us.  Over 60 ski areas in the U.S. can trace their roots to 10th Mountain warriors.   One 10th mountain guy said  "you can play golf or tennis...but skiing is a lifestyle".  Click to learn more about CLIMB to GLORY.

Aspen Weather threw a bash at Sky Hotel to celebrate their 1000 th subscriber.  Everyone was partying like a hurricane, especially Corey and Ryan.  

Later that night D.J. Folami and Berkel Beats headlined the Belly Up, Aspen.  All the dub-steppers were bouncing like Mo-Fo's.  Plus it was Berkel's dirty you know it was the shiz-nit.

The 13th annual Bonnie's Party went off like an avi bomb.  It was a multi-generational affair that again went the distance and had to be closed down by ski patrol. 

After all that skiing and partying my system shut down, but click the pix.