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Aspen High School Lacrosse: Colorado State Champs

The Aspen Skiers Lacrosse Team won the Colorado 4A State Championship at Mile High Stadium in Denver. They topped a very tough Valor Christian squad 17-12 to take the title.

Congratulation Aspen Skiers.    Photo via twitter @aspenskiers



Election Day Action in Aspen

A few of my supporters came out in force on election day in Aspen.


4 Questions for Aspen.

The Wise Son asks...Why is this election different?Why is this election in Aspen different than other elections in Aspen ?  

Answer...it's not. I have 4 questions for the people of Aspen;  Answers provided below.

1) If you owned a $100 million business...would you want one guy signing off on all the financial decisions?

2) What are the traditional power brokers of Aspen afraid of?  

3) Do you want a town full of big square boxes?

4) Why is Wagner Park still closed? 


1) No  

2) Unintended consequences (a more nebulus concept does not exist)

3) No

4) I don't know?

It's easy to be a critic and difficult to be a leader.   

A few follow up points;   1) Who do you think is watching the money at The City of Aspen?  Somebody on City council should be. I'm willing to take on that role.  It doesn't appear as if anyone else is doing it.

2) Re: Ref 1. What is the ACRA / Ski Co. / Industrial Growth Complex afraid of?   Unintended consequences?  What does that even mean?  I'd like one specific example even a hypothetical one to describe the desire to "Vote Know".  Are they concerned that someone besides them will the "buy an election"?  Maybe they're worried that the citizens of Aspen will make a poor decision?  I walk by several poor decisions every day.  One of them is 47 feet tall and looks like a picnic basket. But that "gift to the city" is a done deal and I do love Art.

3) Big square boxes.  Look around town.  Check out some of the construction sites.  The bull dozers and giant cranes and the back hoes.  Well... get used to it ho.   With the new City Hall, the new airport, the new $8 million errrrrrr $10 million bus stop there will be plenty of heavy machinery in town.   Smell the fumes, dudes.  Aspen ain't a ski town anymore its a construction town.

4)What Ev's.  Andy's bent out of shape about the park.   Yeah...think about it...that park is closed more than its open.  Why?   It's not because of Food and Wine or Ruggerfest or X Games Concerts  or the bike race or Art in the Park or even Snow Polo.   It's because our fabulous leaders feel the need to spend our money somehow...and putting up fences and tarps seems like a good way to blow some excess cash.  Also see; drainage...for catch-all spending sprees.

So maybe I'm the fool.  I'm the one willing to sit in the basement at City Hall every Monday night for 4 years.  I'm the one willing to listen to all the bull-sh*t that walks through that door.  I see all the saviors of Aspen rolling through the S curves in their dump trucks.

Look around you folks.  See the beauty.   Enjoy the mountains, the forrests, the rivers and all the natural wonders by which Aspen has been blessed.  That's what it's all about.

Please vote. Hopefully for me.







Book It: Aspen Ski Season 2014-15 Ends with a BANG.

Cheeks, Hess and the Buckaroo's lead the charge for the 44th annual Bell Mountian Buck-off.Very few people in Aspen were prepared for the 18 inches of fresh POW POW we received for closing weekend at Aspen Mountain. Even an experienced ski bum like A. Party had already packed away his warmest clothes and fattest skis.

Click 4 Pix:  BOOK IT, Closing Weekend

But here in Aspen where almost anything is possible, Mother Nature and Ullr conspired to give us one last shot of Winter.  I for one...dug it the most.

Aspen's skiers and riders were packing up their family trucksters to head out towards the beach or the desert or the river or the City.  But now they'll have one final weekend of face shots and partying debauchery to remember all Summer.

Taco Bell Mountain with Jim Smith and Peter King.It was a weird Winter in Aspen...no one can dispute that, not even climate change deniers.  The freeze/thaw cycle played out several times during the course of the Winter.  No will look back fondly on the 6 week snow drought we experienced after Christmas. Or the 60+ degree days in March (although some of those were sweet).   The final ski day day of 2014-15 encapsulated the entire season.  Closing day on Aspen Mountain was cold, windy, snowy, foggy...whoa whoa whoa...then it cleared up to be warm, sunny and a sick bluebird.  Heads were spinnng. All the traditional events took place on Ajax. The 1 pm Buck-off on the Ridge of Bell in its 44th year... was special.  Taco Bell Mountain at the base of lift 5 was tasty...thanks Peter King and Jim Smith.  Aspen 82 jammed at the Buckhorn Cabin.  Family, friends, frenemies and way too many snowboarders from Snowmass were out on the mountain. In fact the entire Roaring Fork Valley was out skiiing.  Of course the required end of the season bash at Sky Hotel was off the hook...again.

It was a decent season.  A.Party booked 107 ski days in 2014-15.  Not bad for a fat old Jew from Detroit.  What does the future hold?  Only Aspen's voters can decide that. We'll see you next Fall...or next month if I get elected.

Click 4 Pix:  BOOK IT, Closing Weekend

Professional Partiers.Closing Day Party at Sky Hotel 4/19/15My last lap. Closing Day on Aspen Mountain 4/19/15

Porn Rapper Mickey Avalon played closing weekend at Belly Up. 




Squirm Night: Inside Out in Aspen

Squirm Night Selfie 4/16/15 Vote 4 Andy. Aspen City Council I've been to a few squirm nights in Aspen as media. Last night was my first squirm night as a political candidate.

Yeah...I squirmed a little. It's an Aspen tradition,but getting humiliated on TV was really not on my bucket list. If I wasn't sitting at the table I would have been bored to tears.  But hey, live and learn.  

I want to thank the Aspen Times (Lauren Glendenning) and Aspen Daily News (Curtis Wackerle) for asking such riveting questions which created compelling TV.  Thanks to GrassRoots TV the oldest community television station in America for getting my good side only.  I especially want to thank Rick Carroll and Karl Herchenroeder for their TMZ-style expose about my facetious sex tape post on FB.  They put on the front page of the paper in the guise of a social media article, nice.

Squirm Night was the culmination of my campaign.  I am not a political animal by nature.  I noticed the veteran politicians side-stepped some of the difficult questions.  To quote Mick..."this is not the forum...".  It's not?  Why not?   I simply answered the questions honestly and openly.  

POW Day Selfie...Top 3 POW Day 4/17/15I got to lob a few grenades last night. Make a few points.  Let some steam out.  I've been trying to be nice to everyone...politically correct...if you will.  It doesn't suit me.

Back to my plan to become the puppet master in Aspen.

1)  Shorter more productive meetings.  I'm just gonna say it right here on the web...wake me up when its time to vote.  I bought an egg timer...and if elected I'm not afraid to use it.

2) Financial Stewardship at City Hall.   This is my BIG thing.  I understand the numbers and they are enormous.  Over $100 million per year flowing through the City of Aspen (CoA) a town with 6000 residents. Squirm Night allowed me to express my concerns about the current system of internal controls or financial checks and balances within CoA. I stated that one guy should not sign off on everything.  I am skeptical of the oversight...(BOOM, drops mic.)  I said it out loud at the 24 minute mark.

3) While I would prefer a simplified zoning code...I'm voting YES on Referendum 1.

4) I got to reiterate my distain for the marketing efforts and cronism at ACRA.


Better yet it dumped like a MOFO last night.   Over a foot up top.   It was a siiiiiiick POW DAY and a defiant Andy Party schralped several laps on Aspen Mountain...old-school style...no Gondola.   The gondy was down so it was Little Nell to 1a to Ruthies.  I had just packed away all my warm gear and my fatties on Wednesday...but I made due.  I layered up, borrowed some siiiiiick Rossi Soul 7's  and got my last face shots of the season.  I'm calling it a TOP 3 POW DAY for the season.  Day # 105 for me.

So I had to squirm a little to make my points.  But in return I got a really, really good powder day...after all...thats why I'm here.  

VOTE 4 ANDY for Aspen City Council.  Mail-in, Walk-in after 4/20/15 and Election day May 5.

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