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Book It: Aspen Ski Season 2014-15 Ends with a BANG.

Cheeks, Hess and the Buckaroo's lead the charge for the 44th annual Bell Mountian Buck-off.Very few people in Aspen were prepared for the 18 inches of fresh POW POW we received for closing weekend at Aspen Mountain. Even an experienced ski bum like A. Party had already packed away his warmest clothes and fattest skis.

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But here in Aspen where almost anything is possible, Mother Nature and Ullr conspired to give us one last shot of Winter.  I for one...dug it the most.

Aspen's skiers and riders were packing up their family trucksters to head out towards the beach or the desert or the river or the City.  But now they'll have one final weekend of face shots and partying debauchery to remember all Summer.

Taco Bell Mountain with Jim Smith and Peter King.It was a weird Winter in Aspen...no one can dispute that, not even climate change deniers.  The freeze/thaw cycle played out several times during the course of the Winter.  No will look back fondly on the 6 week snow drought we experienced after Christmas. Or the 60+ degree days in March (although some of those were sweet).   The final ski day day of 2014-15 encapsulated the entire season.  Closing day on Aspen Mountain was cold, windy, snowy, foggy...whoa whoa whoa...then it cleared up to be warm, sunny and a sick bluebird.  Heads were spinnng. All the traditional events took place on Ajax. The 1 pm Buck-off on the Ridge of Bell in its 44th year... was special.  Taco Bell Mountain at the base of lift 5 was tasty...thanks Peter King and Jim Smith.  Aspen 82 jammed at the Buckhorn Cabin.  Family, friends, frenemies and way too many snowboarders from Snowmass were out on the mountain. In fact the entire Roaring Fork Valley was out skiiing.  Of course the required end of the season bash at Sky Hotel was off the hook...again.

It was a decent season.  A.Party booked 107 ski days in 2014-15.  Not bad for a fat old Jew from Detroit.  What does the future hold?  Only Aspen's voters can decide that. We'll see you next Fall...or next month if I get elected.

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Professional Partiers.Closing Day Party at Sky Hotel 4/19/15My last lap. Closing Day on Aspen Mountain 4/19/15

Porn Rapper Mickey Avalon played closing weekend at Belly Up. 




Squirm Night: Inside Out in Aspen

Squirm Night Selfie 4/16/15 Vote 4 Andy. Aspen City Council I've been to a few squirm nights in Aspen as media. Last night was my first squirm night as a political candidate.

Yeah...I squirmed a little. It's an Aspen tradition,but getting humiliated on TV was really not on my bucket list. If I wasn't sitting at the table I would have been bored to tears.  But hey, live and learn.  

I want to thank the Aspen Times (Lauren Glendenning) and Aspen Daily News (Curtis Wackerle) for asking such riveting questions which created compelling TV.  Thanks to GrassRoots TV the oldest community television station in America for getting my good side only.  I especially want to thank Rick Carroll and Karl Herchenroeder for their TMZ-style expose about my facetious sex tape post on FB.  They put on the front page of the paper in the guise of a social media article, nice.

Squirm Night was the culmination of my campaign.  I am not a political animal by nature.  I noticed the veteran politicians side-stepped some of the difficult questions.  To quote Mick..."this is not the forum...".  It's not?  Why not?   I simply answered the questions honestly and openly.  

POW Day Selfie...Top 3 POW Day 4/17/15I got to lob a few grenades last night. Make a few points.  Let some steam out.  I've been trying to be nice to everyone...politically correct...if you will.  It doesn't suit me.

Back to my plan to become the puppet master in Aspen.

1)  Shorter more productive meetings.  I'm just gonna say it right here on the web...wake me up when its time to vote.  I bought an egg timer...and if elected I'm not afraid to use it.

2) Financial Stewardship at City Hall.   This is my BIG thing.  I understand the numbers and they are enormous.  Over $100 million per year flowing through the City of Aspen (CoA) a town with 6000 residents. Squirm Night allowed me to express my concerns about the current system of internal controls or financial checks and balances within CoA. I stated that one guy should not sign off on everything.  I am skeptical of the oversight...(BOOM, drops mic.)  I said it out loud at the 24 minute mark.

3) While I would prefer a simplified zoning code...I'm voting YES on Referendum 1.

4) I got to reiterate my distain for the marketing efforts and cronism at ACRA.


Better yet it dumped like a MOFO last night.   Over a foot up top.   It was a siiiiiiick POW DAY and a defiant Andy Party schralped several laps on Aspen Mountain...old-school style...no Gondola.   The gondy was down so it was Little Nell to 1a to Ruthies.  I had just packed away all my warm gear and my fatties on Wednesday...but I made due.  I layered up, borrowed some siiiiiick Rossi Soul 7's  and got my last face shots of the season.  I'm calling it a TOP 3 POW DAY for the season.  Day # 105 for me.

So I had to squirm a little to make my points.  But in return I got a really, really good powder day...after all...thats why I'm here.  

VOTE 4 ANDY for Aspen City Council.  Mail-in, Walk-in after 4/20/15 and Election day May 5.

The Morning CommuteJerry Untracked

 Old School Lift Lines


Another BIG A$$ day in Aspen.

Last Laps in Highland Bowl. Photo: AspenSpinSunday funday?  It's a way of life in Aspen.   As the ski season winds to a close, AspenSpin is still out there skiing every day and partying every night.  You have to get up and out pretty early to beat A. Party. 8 am on Sunday morning to be exact.  We had a BIG A$$ day planned...so best to start early.

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Sun Dog's K-9 Uphill

Aspen Highlands Closing Day

Sun Dog Athletics and Erik Skarvan hosted their 20th annual K-9 Uphill for dogs and their masters.  About 100 dog lovers hiked (or ran)up and down Buttermilk Mountain with their 4 legged friends.  A portion of the proceeds from this "fun run" go to the Aspen Animal Shelter.  As always the K-9 Uphill was a fantastic event.

The Travelosity Gnome was passing out candy.After the dog show, A.Spin cruised over to Aspen Highlands for the 2015 Closing Day Spectacular. A little rip...then we concentrated on the extra curriculars. The closing day party at Aspen Highlands has become a "must attend" event in the ski world. It's become perhaps the best on mountain celebration in skiing (and riding).  From the top of the Highland Bowl to thebottom of the underground parking garage, Aspen Highlands was chock full of partiers. Revelers of all ages, ethnicities and species showed up.  As always, the closing day festivities turned into a full-on rave scene.   The signature feature...the Highlands bounce...got going around 3 pm.  When the music is right and the crowd is popping...the industrial strengthth plastic decking bends to the sound of the beat.  The AH Bounce...effectively a crowd sourced moving dance floor is too good to pass up.   The Highlands closing day party attracts hedonists from far and wide. Ski bums, hippies, business dudes, nurses, school teachers and more show up to collectively celebrate the end of ski season.  Whether you're donning your vintage onezie or showing off lots of skin...the Highlands scene is second to none. Once again crazinessensued.

So we have one more week to ski Aspen Mountain. And the then it's over.  No extended season this year. There have been more 50 degree days than POW days this season in Aspen.  But we still had it better than most.  

What are we doing for mud season?  Funny you should ask...Aspen Spin's very own A. Party...founder, editor and chief provocateur is running for political office in Aspen.  That kid will do anything for viral content.  Anyway...enjoy the pix...and the last week of shredding.  Spandex season is upon us.

Click 4 Sick Pix;

Sun Dog's K-9 Uphill

Aspen Highlands Closing Day

Sun Dog's K-9 Uphill... 20th Edition. Great "fun run" for the dogs.

These dudes raided Grandma's closet for Onezies. For Realz.Shredders gonna Shred. cover of AspenSpin...that's BIG TIME. The Dukes of Aspen dominated Schneetag 2015. Aspen Highlands Closing Day.




Aspen Campaign 2015: Keep Andy, Andy

Andrew M. Israel kissing the beautiful babies in Aspen.Andrew M. Israel, a.k.a. AspenSpin, a.k.a. Andy Party, a.k.a. The Political Virgin made a guest starring appearance on Grassroots TV's Probeline with Brent Gardner-Smith.  Israel is a candidate for Aspen City Council.  

Mail-in ballots will be sent out to all voters on April 13.  Early Walk-in voting begins April 20 and the actual election date in May 5. 

If elected, Israel promises that "Monday Nights in Aspen will be Must See TV. 


You can watch the compelling interview on Probeline. Click the video link below. 


Massive Holiday Weekend in Aspen

Spring time in the AspenApril is upon us.  The days are longer and the nights are warmer.

This weekend AspenSpin celebrated Passover, Easter and notably A.Party's 100th ski day of the season (mission accomplished).


Perfect weather greeted us this past weekend.  Sunny and 60's. The Spring skiing was tremendous if you timed it right.  The on mountain extra-curricular activities were plentiful.  April is National Donate Life month to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation.  Aspen's Chris Klug Foundation had a fun BBQ at the Buckhorn Cabin on Ajax to mark to occasion.  Learn more,  Click CKF

The Aspen Brewery gathered their crew to stage a re-make of the Aspen Ski School try-outs from Aspen Extreme. It all got layed down on film....errr digital.

See Andy Curtis's masterpiece by clicking ASPEN SKI SCHOOL TRY-OUTS.    Remember..."the skiing's is the easy part".

We topped off the weekend with a KICK-A$$ show sold out at Belly Up.   Nederland Colorado's own transcendental folk-rockers Elephant Revival blew the roof off.

Spring-time in the Rocky Mountains...everybody had a ball.  


The Chris Klug Foundation hosted an on-mountain BBQ to celebrate life and promote tissue and organ donation.Unofficial Aspen Ski School try-outs. See Andy Curtis' sick vid. Click the link above.Elephant Revival blew the roof off the Belly Up with their transcendental folk offerings.